Centroplex / by Karim Nader

In our search for the real, we live in a holographic universe where images are fabricated within us. Cinema is the creation of imaginary worlds projected as light, sound and effect in space.

Centroplex is the opportunity to extend this reflection on the fictive cinematic image. Stripping down the mall at the cineplex entrance from all unnecessary layers of 'finishing' (columns cladding, false ceilings, floor tiling, etc…), the spectator is invited to enter a lobby where a superimposition of ‘image’ (30m x 2m LED screen) upon infrastructure is clearly legible. There is indeed work and machinery behind the fabrication of images, and the space displays at once this theater and its stage set. Concrete is here left bare, pipes and ducts exposed in the shadowy backgrounds while image becomes very present: "Trois Couleurs" can vary on the main lobby widescreen while pixelized foliage on the curved underside of the theaters (at once “Blow-up” and “The Matrix”) creates the 'natural' background never seen in movie theaters. Statement interventions in neon on the concrete walls complete the scenario in selected poetic slogans that pave the way towards the 'real' cinematic experience: 1081 seats on 11 screens varying in width from 7.3m to 11m and spread on a surface of 2350sqm, with stadium seating, immersive projections, 4Dx and Gold cinema. 

Inside the theaters, the expected darkness prevails to bring focus onto the experience, two rows of chairs in a different color for a bit more comfort, and once again the exposed infrastructure behind the perforated mesh.

Project Status: Under Construction.

Designed by Karim Nader with Christy Layous, Mario Khoury and Samer Bou Rjeily.

Featuring stills from "Trois Couleurs" by Krzysztof Kieślowski and "Blow-Up" by Michelangelo Antonioni.

Under construction photography by Karim Nasser.