Office Park / by Karim Nader

Dedicated to the creation of an efficient and inspiring office environment, the Office Park in Sin-El-Fil is conceived as a lush green heart within a clearly framed and articulated geometry of earthy colors, reminiscing the fertile lands which borders the Beirut river banks.
The program is divided into five volumes with independent cores. The green heart of the project sculpts the in-between spaces of the complex in a system of vertical gardens that extend the office spaces into outdoor terraces, thus immersing the meeting rooms into the natural environment.
On the east side of the site, the four-floor podium is surmounted by a cylindrical luminescent volume, transparent and reflective through its motorized shutters, a sensitive beacon at once signaling the complex in an iconic gesture, and offering to its users a visual panorama of the distant city.

Project Status: Competition Winner.

Designed by Karim Nader and BLANKPAGE Architects.