Mtayleb 222 / by Karim Nader

Located in the suburban area of Mtayleb, the site for this residential project rests in a quiet U-shaped valley, surrounded by pine forests and overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Because of legal considerations on one hand, and an intention to reduce the physical presence of the intervention on the other, the mass of the project was diluted into three blocks, composed of two volumes each. The distribution of these volumes on the site ensures that each apartment benefits from the exquisite sea view that the location offers.

Each volume is supported by vertical stone walls that echo in their rough texture the materiality of the barks of the neighboring trees. These walls hold horizontal slabs that thin out towards the sea-view, as the apartments open up to private suspended gardens. In-between the volumes, open-air cores allow for a pleasant circulation towards the apartments. The back facades are treated with vertical gardens in order to ensure seclusion from the nearby street and the neighboring buildings.

Contrasting with the strong materiality of the stone walls, the reflective cladding of the slabs and the steel cable balustrades allow for the buildings to discreetly blend with their surroundings and to become completely immersed into the greenery of the valley.
Floating above the three buildings, pitched zinc roofs come as a re-interpretation of the conventional roof form, and reinforce the lightness of the building in their shape and materiality.

Project Status: Concept Design.

Project Team: Karim Nader with BLANKPAGE Architects.