Wonder / by Karim Nader

A pure form glitters in the night sky of Dubai. This modern interpretation of the Egyptian wonder will be at the same time symbolic and functional: the golden triangular leaves that cover its faces are solar panels that will concentrate the energy of the Arabian days to better light their nights. This screen will also provide shading to the internal space creating a more agreeable climate to wander in. A circular surface of water surrounds the object accentuating the presence of the form but also melting it in its immediate context.
The skin of the project gradually dematerializes from a solid golden tip to eventually expose the triangulated structure that is standing behind as well as the complex composition of the programs inside. Here and there, suspended gardens appear, once again merging the natural and the man-made in a renewed sense of balance.

From within, the pyramid consists of a sequence of architectural moments inspired by the labyrinth carved inside its antique predecessor. The space is laid-out as a vertical urban configuration with its blocks of residences and offices punctuated by suspended skylobbies and public piazzas.

Experientially, with its sequence of masses and voids, the internal space reads like a giant circulation system. The white volumes of the programs, treated in varying degrees of shininess, transparency and modulation, subtly express their differences. In their gaps, they leave the space for selected sunrays to pierce through the golden skin, reflect on the masses, on the vertical shafts of circulation or on the escalators and funiculars that crisscross in the central void. Finally they hit base and bounce on the field of pearls that float on the liquid surface of the ground.

Project Status: Proposal

Project Team: Karim Nader with BLANKPAGE Architects.

Visualization by Boulos Douaihy.