Sugar Lane / by Karim Nader

Sugar Lane is an architect's dream. The abandoned sugar refining factory is the perfect invitation for reinventing adaptive reuse by the seaside. To encourage such happening, a design study in model, programming and design is undertaken to explore the dormant potential of the factory. 

La femme bonbon at Sugar Lane project by Karim Nader and Mira Hayek is inspired by the factory of the same name on the seaside highway. Its grand longitudinal volumes, direct proximity to the mediterranean, and its fantastic textured interiors in a beautiful state of decay, offer the dreamt opportunity to juxtapose the colorful geometries of Mira’s “Femme Bonbon” spring collection 2017 onto the stark gray walls of the burnt out structure.

The woman behind this collection is coquette and mischievous. Recognized for her unique sense of style and graceful strength, she is curious and embraces the new. She wears pieces that are youthful and energetic, contemporary and graphic looks with a fresh color palette ranging from sweet pastel tones to bright fruity hues.

The video, directed by Nina Najjar, stage-sets two of those women in their quest through the labyrinthine spaces of the abandoned factory, its dark corridors, high- contrasted double-volume spaces where no door ever opens onto the expected ending.

The presentation of the project during the Beirut Design Week 2017 combined the projection of the fashion video with a raw large-scale model of the factory, in steel, acid-etched glass, solid wood and concrete.

Project Status: Concept Proposal.

Designed by Karim Nader with Elias el Hage. 

With MAK Builders / Rami Kassem.