Kore / by Karim Nader

Inspired by its own subject, water, the KORE showroom articulates itself around the aquatic experience through fluidity of form, dynamic motion and spatial continuity.
Inserted in a mixed-used building in the area of Sin-El-Fil, this sanitary showroom is divided on three floors, with exhibition spaces on the ground and first floors and an administrative area on the last one. An independent structure, based on a modular system that allows for maximum flexibility of the space, is inserted into the existing structure of the building. Panels can be moved and re-positioned as to allow for a versatile layout of the exhibition space. In that same logic, the back-offices located on the last floor are planned to allow for a maximum ease of modulation, a free circulation, and a non-linear hierarchy. An existing void in the slab is an opportunity to connect the first and second floor through an added staircase, and an auditorium where seminars can be presented.
In a concern for purity and fluidity, the frontal facade of the building is replaced by a light skin of transparent glass, onto which graphics present the variety of the brands which are displayed on the inside. Seen through this skin, selected fixtures are staged in specific instances of a domestic environment.

Project Status: Built.

Designed by Karim Nader and BLANKPAGE Architects. 

Photography by Marwan Harmouche