The Tower of Winds / by Karim Nader


Beirut, its chaos represented. Our urbanscape has become a exuberance of towers, constructions cranes, modernist relics, archaeological sites, art deco remains, in a mishmash of historical layers, some at a low scale, others at spectacular heights.

In this context, the local flora (our endemic citrus trees, shrubs at varying heights, aromatic plants, flowering climbers...) has become reduced to 'remaining' spaces, in-betweens, while some invading plants have often flourished after the war in the cracks of damaged buildings or literally within structures suddenly rendered roofless. 

The proposal, a vertical representation of such Beiruti overlays seeks to comment on the tower typology (its privatization and exclusivity, subsequent gentrification, its sheer scale and separation from the originally fertile ground...) by literally reiterating it as a vertical spiraling public space of superimposed vegetation systems, staircases, amphitheater and small park for inviting an upward movement within the scaffold of a tower that never will be, and to look back, through the green mesh of a typical construction site, from within, towards the views of contemporary Beirut.  

Project Status: Proposal

Conceptualized by Karim Nader and Nathalie Harb.

Designed by Karim Nader and Elias el Hage.