Silver Rock / by Karim Nader

Tasked with creating an iconic corner tower in a prominent location at the entrance of the Eko financial district in Lagos, we have decided to propose a landmark of “topographic” nature that references a natural symbol of Nigeria; the Zuma rock. The office tower decomposes into vertical stone bands that trace the contours of the rock while acting as shading louvers offering flexible protection to the internal spaces. Vertically the tower is divided into three significant public spaces read as voids and characterized by triple heights, vegetation, and increased transparency achieved by subtracting alternate stone bands from the elevation. The first of these spaces is the lobby on the ground floor which aligns with the neighboring parking and retail podium while simultaneously constituting an extension of the streets and the commercial program inwards. In the middle of the tower is the skycourt, an elevated garden/piazza looming above the neighboring office buildings and offering vistas towards the city. And finally on top is the roof court a spectacular external space defined by the curving stone bands and dense jungle-like vegetation offering 360 degree views and providing a potential for high-end restaurants and exclusive spas or penthouses.

Project Status: Proposal

Project Team: Karim Nader with BLANKPAGE Architects.

Visualization by Boulos Douaihy.