NINETEEN84 / by Karim Nader

"I have always dreamt of a moving and contradictory space, where one would see appear, from within, at the moment it is happening, the gesture of creation." Philippe Sollers - Theory of Exceptions. 

There is no more escape. Everything is now under surveillance. Office by day, it is exhibitionist. An old ground floor shop on Gouraud, busy pedestrian street of Beirut. Light installation by night, a pleasure for the half-drunk voyeur passer-by. A club-like environment for events or openings.

First layer, the old door, almost kept as is. A pearlescent doorknob. Second layer, museum, 1984 computer, up and running in pristine display unit, old camera lurking right above. Third layer, curtain, translucent and evanescent, back projection by night, gate by day. Fourth layer, polycarbonate skin, operable, sliding below, kiosk above. Fifth layer, infrastructure, cinematic bathrooms, dentist clinic at mezzanine, with the baby-blue chair and yellow neon: the power of ideas

Between layers, to work or to party. A central table, meeting or banquet. A few computers tucked by the wall, an internal garden on the other side. Floating balloons for lighting, or to spotlight on the balloons. A stone wall, early 1900s, a white wall, early 2000s, a cornice wrapping around, industrial air conditioning.  

Revisiting our urban schizophrenia, NINETEEN84 headquarters have nothing to hide.

Day: Offices

Programmatic Interplay

Night: Venue

Project Status: Built.

Project Team: Karim Nader with Christy Layous, Omar Faress Darwish and Elie Christian Naameh.

Photography by Marwan Harmouche.

Models Adrian Perez and Joelle Habib, styling by Salim Cherfane Jeux de Mains

Special thanks to Said Francis Nineteen84.